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Many people love Indian restaurants and Indian takeaways, but, most people think that Indian dishes mean hot highly-spiced cuisine, but you will discover at Denley's that this is not always the case. Indian cooking varies widely from place to place, from the very strong curries in the south to the more delicate dishes of the northern territory.

We have a loyal clientele at Denley's who come from Topsham, Exmouth, Exeter and further afield, because they love the more sophisticated form of Indian cuisine that we specialise in, that of the Kashmiri region. These dishes are prepared using gentler, subtler spices, and if you are a newcomer to us, try a Tava dish for a unique experience of this style of cooking.

We trust you will enjoy the Indian food from Denley's and look forward to seeing you again and again. Bon appetit!


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